A short post for SOF Observed:

Trent Gilliss, Online Editor

Choosing leading images for each program is often a joyful experience. But, the editing is a sensibility game that leaves one restless at times. I want something evocative, differentiating — a photo that captures the bouquet of the program and not just the finish at the back of the mouth. For SOF, this means no stock images, no trite photography, no incredibly small packaged images.

Living in such an editorial crucible can create a rogue mentality, an editor who sometimes forgets to question context and sensitivity to the subject matter, and instead alienates or disregards the an audience’s feelings and intelligence about situations. Alessandra Sanguinetti, the savvy Magnum photographer, questions The New York Times’ choice of a somewhat romantic image for the front page of its January 14th edition — a time when heavy fighting was happening in Gaza.

To give you more context, it headed the article titled “Israel Resumes Attack After Pause for Aid Delivery.” What do you think? How would you rate my choice of images for the SOF site?

"On Editorial Responsibility" with Photos

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