And rather than shy away from Mr. Romney’s faith, as some campaign aides have argued he should, they have decided to embrace it. On the night Mr. Romney will address the convention, a member of the Mormon Church will deliver the invocation. On Sunday, this new approach was apparent as Mr. Romney invited reporters to join him at church services.

I really enjoyed our interview with Ms. Brooks. She’s simply great.

Joanna Brooks on The Daily Show with Jon StewartReading this anecdotal paragraph from a piece in today’s New York Times makes me glad we’re broadcasting our interview with Joanna Brooks.

The blogger behind Ask Mormon Girl offers her own personal stories and insights about being raised in the LDS Church — its beautiful elements and some its internal tensions — and how this presidential campaign season is a “white-knuckle moment” for many Mormons. She’s smart, candid, incisive, and, yes, she might even make you cry.

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